1914 - Chinese-Japanese Cook Book

Japanese - Satsuma Soup


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1914 - Chinese-Japanese Cook Book
Japanese - Satsuma Soup

One small chicken;
one medium-sized carrot;
one pint of satorius (elephant-ear plant);
two white radishes;
one quarter pound of dried mushrooms;
one quarter pound of aburage (oil-fried Tofu);
one quarter pound of miso paste (soy bean and rice cheese);
one half teaspoonful of mixed red-pepper spices.

To prepare the chicken, separate the meat from the bones;
then put bonesincold water and boil slowly for about two hours.
Strain, and add the well-chopped vegetables.
(The mushrooms should have been washed,
and soaked in lukewarm water for ten minutes previously.)
Boil for one more hour, then add the chicken meat,
cut in very small pieces, salt, spices, and half a teaspoonful of sugar.
Cook all slowly for one hour.
This makes about three pints of soup.
It is better to make it the day before it is to be used.
Soup is always improved by standing over night.
The late Mikado took three or four sips of this soup for breakfast.