1914 - Chinese-Japanese Cook Book

Japanese - Cabbage and Pork


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1914 - Chinese-Japanese Cook Book
Japanese - Cabbage and Pork

One good-sized hard cabbage;
one cupful of syou sauce;
one tablespoonful of sugar;
one pound of salt pork;
one onion;
and pepper.

First boil the salt pork for one hour, then chop it in small pieces.
Select a good hard cabbage without blemishes and wash it thoroughly in cold water;
soak it in water with a handful of salt to kill all possible vermin.
Remove from salted water, and rinse in fresh water, removing all salt.
Carefully cut out the heart and center leaves, making a good-sized pocket,
and fill this space with the chopped pork and one onion chopped very fine,
salt, pepper, and a teaspoonful of goma seeds.
Press the cabbage leaves back into place, and tie tight in cheesecloth.
Have ready a deep pot of boiling salted water, and in this place the cabbage in the bag.
Cover, and boil slowly for two hours.
Remove to a platter, and pour over it the syou sauce, which has first been boiled.
Serve with rice.