1914 - Chinese-Japanese Cook Book

Chinese - Meat Chow Main


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1914 - Chinese-Japanese Cook Book
Chinese - Meat Chow Main

One quarter pound noodles;
one quart peanut oil;
one half dozen water chestnuts;
one half pound of pork;
one half pound of veal;
two tablespoonfuls of syou;
one half bunch of celery;
one onion;
one half pound of dried mushrooms;
two eggs;
one quarter pound of ham.

Into a quart of peanut oil put a quarter of a pound of noodles,
and cook until crisp; then remove and drain.
Meanwhile take one pound of pork, cut it in small pieces, and fry a golden brown.
Cut up half a pound of veal, and fry with the pork for five minutes.
Add two tablespoonfuls of syou and half a tablespoonful of salt to this,
and let it simmer slowly, while preparing the following:
Wash, and soak for ten minutes, half a pound of Chinese dried mushrooms,
pulling off the stalks; half a bunch of celery, cut small; also one onion, chopped fine,
and half a dozen water chestnuts, sliced fine.
Turn these in with the meat and cook all together for five minutes.
Place the noodles on a hot platter as a bottom layer, then the meat and vegetables.
Garnish the top with threaded ham and the crumbled yolks of two hard-boiled eggs.